Divination Reader Application

Massive voice chat on the upcoming Full Moon!
Starting at 4 pm on Discord in the 'General' Voice Channel under General Chat at the bottom.

Hello and welcome to paganchat.org ‘s (or #witches) information page for those interested in doing free divination readings on our Full Moon Esbat and Sabbat Events!

Our chatroom on irc is called #witches and we are a public chat room that focuses on the occult, magick and witchcraft in general, though our members come from many different backgrounds and walk many different paths.

We are looking for individuals who have experience and integrity in divination readings, are comfortable using irc, and who would enjoy communicating with our members, for our Full Moon Esbat and Sabbat Event chats.  These go for most of the evening and each reader normally does readings for about 2 hours.  If you have never used our chat please do so before applying to get a feel for our community.

After reading the above, please answer the questions below, and make sure to click on “Send” to send your application in to our team: